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A Different Kind of Education

We Learn Differently, They Lead Anywhere.

Learning at Children of Tomorrow pre-school is not just about the traditional classroom learning. We believe that learning can take place anywhere, anytime.


Our specially designed curriculum, coupled with a luxurious amount of in-campus outdoor space, allows our children to engage in a wide variety of hands-on activities both indoors and outdoors.

Read on to find out more!


Our Daily Curriculum


Bilingual Lessons

Our integrated thematic lessons ensure that learning will not be compartmentalized. Children learn and acquire language skills, numeracy concepts and more through interactive and child-directed learning.


Outdoor Play/Learning

Outdoor learning forms an integral part of our core programme as it offers rich sensorial experiences to support children’s growth and development. We are committed to bringing both indoor and outdoor learning experiences for our children.


Aesthetics & Creative Expressions

Music and dramatic play develop the whole child. Children work on communication skills, self-confidence and learn to take on different perspective through fun and engaging play.


Beyond Traditional Learning


Child-safe yet engaging cookery classes allow our little ones learn to appreciate their food better!

Little Explorers

Observations, predictions and investigations ongoing.. Pardon our busy little explorers for not saying "Hello"!


Our garden is an interactive playground for our little garderners to explore using all of their senses. Vegetables never taste so good!

Current Affairs

We develop curious and responsible citizens through age-appropriate discussions on what is happening around us.

Outdoor Art

We embrace messy art projects when we bring art outdoors and children get to incorporate the natural world into their art projects!

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